The Novus Management System VSS user view interface is clear and easy to use. It was designed so that the operator could freely arrange windows so that he can customize the program to suit his own needs. The easy and intuitive interface of the program allows you to quickly configure the display of streams by dragging one of them to any video window. The software has a list of added devices thanks to which we have access to them at any time. An important element is the ability to operate the operator's view on 6 monitors at the maximum division of 6x6, which allows us to freely display the streams.


An important option is the playback function of recordings. The software is equipped with a player so that we can easily find the registered material. The integrated playback panel gives us the ability to play 25 streams simultaneously. The advanced search module allows us to export recordings by date, exact time, and export recordings from multiple devices simultaneously (export in AVI and PAK format).


The function of maps and events in the application allow for intuitive operation of the CCTV system for a given object. The operator can switch between different layers of the graphical interface on which interactive icons of video surveillance system elements (cameras, alarm outputs etc.) are placed. Thanks to this convenient solution we can easily navigate the object intuitively by selecting the map and stream from the camera and display it in the video window. Additionally, the program has a current events module thanks to which we can filter, according to given criteria, actions occurring on a given object, eg: alarm occurrence, motion detection on the camera, connection status of the device with Novus Management System VSS software etc.


The software gives us possibilities such as linking devices sending text messages, eg cash registers or ANPR number plate recognition software. Thanks to this, we will obtain information from external devices about transactions made or information about the registration number of a given vehicle, which will be assigned and displayed to the assigned video stream. An additional function of the software is the POS search engine in which we can filter events after time, date or other criteria. The data can also be exported in CSV format. The integration of POS devices (cash registers can be done via TCP / IP or RS232) and the recognition of license plates by means of TCP / IP.


The administrator thanks to the function of extensive scenarios has the ability to define the reaction of events to various types of alarms (eg: motion detection, reaction to camera alarm inputs / outputs, image analytics). It is possible to assign a number of elements on a number of occasions and give them specific reactions. Alarm responses can be assigned even to several devices at the same time (eg alarm display from several cameras in full screen). Automatic scenarios help the operator in effective work and reduce his response time to disturbing events. Alarm scenarios are implemented on the basis of schedules. It is possible to create multiple scenarios and link them to a specific date, time of day or specific events. The interactive video window allows you to view the occurring alarm events. The event configuration module together with the I / O panel allow defining the occurrence of alarm events and defining alarm responses.


The recorder module has been designed to set recording parameters for streams. Thanks to this, you can allocate any disk space, assign a recording path and define a schedule. It is flexible and allows configuration for each camera separately. The software also has advanced user settings. This is accomplished by a simple configuration module for the permissions of the group. You can define settings for individual groups so as to adapt the monitoring system to the operator working on the site, giving it specific permissions.



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